so ive been seeing a headcanon float around (one that i believe was given by @moonlessmidnights) that jevil can, quite literally, do anything when it comes to entertaining. 

The way i kinda interpreted that was that it mostly comes to skills of the circus variety and, (coming from @faranae‘s words) kinda like toon logic, can only do said ability when its funny at the time given (yes just like that one scene in roger rabbit)

so i was thinking….. since it is of the circus variety…. contortionist jevil




I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again since no-one has yet given me a valid reason as to why James Potter, lacking a wand, didn’t just transform into Prongs when Voldy turned up and like… fucking spear him. Why didn’t he do that? Like I don’t care how astonishingly powerful a dark wizard he was, no-one could ever be prepared for walking into a house and there’s just… a massive fuck off stag staring you down? How could you possibly react to that? 

You couldn’t, giving said stag the opportunity to put an antler through his eye and save the day. Not to mention, can you imagine the Prophet headlines if that was how it’d gone down?

This is actually slightly better than Lily shooting the fucker with a SIG Sauer pistol bought from a pawn shop.

Though I really want an AU where they were hiding in a muggle flat somewhere and Lily hit the breaker plunging the entire flat into darkness and Voldemort just tripped over the laundry basket and cracked his forehead on the badly-colored linoleum.





“They are right after us and getting closer. However, we have one advantage they have no idea about,”
“And what would that be?” she gave him a concerned look.
“You, my Queen,” the admiral grinned.

My goodness, I want to read about Elsa doing this!

I actually have a small theory about Elsa and using her ice ability at sea, but I’ll save it for later. This is still hella kickass! 


can we please have this kind of thing in Frozen 2 pls pls pls